How To Make Money With Your Computer

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay home in a room that you have turned into your private office so that you could make money with your computer?

Yeah… That would be the life!

I know a lot of people who are doing that very thing with affiliate marketing.

They initially cut out a chunk of their day and concentrated on building an affiliate business from scratch, and after a while, they started to make money.

Then, the small money grew until they could walk away from their jobs and into the lucrative affiliate marketing world full-time.

It’s really no surprise, given the simple business model created by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches everything you need to know to build an affiliate marketing business that will allow you to make money with your computer.

That’s not all, either. Just look at all the classes available to learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Classroom -

I love this graphic. I mean, WOW! Over 500 classes and more are being added every day. Learning WordPress alone is worth the price of admission to this program.

Who Am I?

Hi. I’m Dave Hornbeck. I’ve been a member of WA for almost four years. I’ve been interested in affiliate marketing for much longer than that, but I couldn’t find the right platform to help me achieve my dreams until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Their comprehensive step-by-step training removes the learning curve issue from the equation so you can concentrate on building a business that suits your desire.

Enough about me…

Who Are You?

This business is for a few types of people.

It is for those who want a business of their own so they can quit their jobs and work full-time from home or wherever there is an internet connection.

It is for those who want a side gig to make extra money to make life easier by smashing bills into oblivion.

It is for people who not only want a business but who want a business that is scalable. That is, they can stay small or go BIG.

This business is not for you if …

You don’t take it seriously. Believe me, it is a real business, and real business means you have to be serious about it, or it won’t work.

You are not willing to cut out some time to work on it.

What is Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

Affiliate marketing is a four-step process in which you choose a niche, build a website, affiliate with vendors, and collect commissions when someone clicks on a link you have created to send the visitor to a vendor.

Don’t worry… All of the training you need is at Wealthy Affiliate. 

Let’s take a deeper look at it.

  1. Choose a Program or Product: You’ll want to pick products or services that resonate with your audience. It’d be weird if a blog about chickens suddenly started promoting surfboards. Stick to what your backyard hobbyists need—feed, coops, and maybe even chicken sweaters for those chilly winter months.
  2. Get an Affiliate Link: Once approved for an affiliate program, you’ll get a unique link that tracks back to you. This breadcrumb trail link shows you led someone to the product.
  3. Promote: Place this link in your blog posts, social media, or wherever you have your audience’s attention. But don’t just stuff it in there; context matters. Maybe write a detailed review about a predator-proof chicken coop you’ve tested and include your affiliate link for readers who want to buy it.
  4. Wait for the Clicks and Sales: Every time someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission. Depending on the affiliate program, this could be a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale.
  5. Cash in the Earnings: You’ll typically be paid monthly or quarterly, depending on the program’s rules.

And voila! You’re in the affiliate marketing game.

Hey, I Could Go On Forever

I am all in on this business so I could go on forever about how wonderful it is and what it has done for me, but I’m sure you are either ready to take a free look at it or bale out, so I’m just about done here.

I want to tell you something, and then I’ll show you the cost if you decide to join.

You can take a look at the WA platform for free. That’s right, you get five free lessons to find out if the business is for you. If you decide to continue building your business after the five free lessons, the upgrade is $49/month.

Take a free look by clicking on this banner or on any of the links on this page.

It doesn’t affect me much if you decide not to join Wealthy Affiliate. This isn’t about me. It is about you.

I want you to join so you can feel the joy I feel in creating a business around what I am passionate about. I want you to feel the freedom I feel… feel what it’s like to dream again.

But hey, it’s your call. I’m simply providing the opportunity.

So here’s what you get when you join us.

===>Join Us At WA Here<===

Thanks. I hope to see you on the platform.


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