Employment Opportunities, Self-employment, and Wealthy Affiliate

What is New in Today’s Economy?

Things are constantly changing – new trends, new fads – new pandemics… Still, traditional paths of employment and self-employment are the go-tos for income generation.

However, the digital age and the recent bout with Covid 19 has sparked an awakening, or reawakening of online business interest in alternative avenues like Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that offers training and resources for affiliate marketing. Figuring out which way to head with your career is simply a matter of making a decision. To make a decision, options must be explored. Let’s delve into the ins and outs of these options by comparing employment opportunities, self-employment, and Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing.

Let’s start with the pros and cons of working at a job. I’m not going to make a joke about Just Over Broke lest you find me biased!

Review of Employment Opportunities


Stability of Income: One of the major advantages of traditional employment is the predictability and regularity of income. It brings financial stability, which is a crucial aspect for many individuals.

This is good, right?

Defined Roles & Responsibilities: In an organization, your roles and tasks are clearly defined. This eliminates the uncertainty of what you’re supposed to do and ensures you have a clear path to follow.

Let’s face it, some people are uncomfortable thinking outside of the box thank goodness!

Inbuilt Structure & Routine: Traditional employment provides a structured routine. This can be beneficial for those who thrive in a structured environment.


Limited Control Over Work: As an employee, you have limited control over your work and decisions. Superiors or organizational policies often dictate your work.


Limited Scalability: Your income and career progression are tied to the organization’s growth and promotion structure, limiting your potential for scalability.

Relying on the boss’s boss’s boss to have your best interest in mind at all times is a given, right?

Potential Job Insecurity: The stability of your job can be threatened by factors such as layoffs, downsizing, or company bankruptcy.

Now, let’s see how these aspects contrast with Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform provides a sense of income security over time as your affiliate marketing skills improve. While it does have an element of unpredictability initially, once you’ve built a successful website with steady traffic, the income becomes more predictable.

Keep in mind that owning your own business at Wealthy Affiliate comes with a responsibility.

You need a willingness to never stop learning, a determination to actually do the work, and the ability to deal with seeing very little return initially, with the understanding that it’s a long-term commitment.

On the other hand, you have complete control over your work and unlimited scalability! based on your efforts.

Worried about the how-tos and the how-do-Is?

Take a look at Wealthy Affiliates training classes including a new section on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The numbers in the little white balloons are the number of classes in each category.

WA classes - Yourturnmarketing.com

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is way better than any place on Earth, or on the moon for that matter! I’m certain about the moon, and the Earth is my opinion. I’ve been involved in many online business ventures and Wealthy Affiliate is the best that there is. There’s a reason why it is the world’s number-one affiliate marketing training platform!

Sorry ’bout that…back to business…

Review of Self-Employment


Freedom & Control Over Work: Being self-employed means you’re your own boss. You get to make the decisions and control how you want to operate your business.


High Scalability: Your income potential is directly proportional to your effort, creativity, and the success of your business.

Also good!

Potential for Higher Income: Successful self-employment can yield higher incomes than traditional employment.


Inconsistent Income: Unlike traditional employment, your income can be highly irregular and unpredictable, particularly in the early stages of your business.


Need to Self-Fund & Manage All Aspects of Business: From startup costs to handling multiple roles (marketing, sales, customer service), being self-employed requires a wide range of skills and responsibilities.


High Risk: Self-employment comes with a high level of risk. The success of your business is solely on your shoulders.

Now, comparing this with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll find that the platform offers many of the advantages of self-employment but with more support. You’re in control, you have high scalability and the potential for higher income. However, Wealthy Affiliate also offers community and training resources, helping mitigate some of the risks and challenges commonly faced in self-employment.

But don’t just take it from me. Let’s take a look at what Trustpilot has to say about the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Kevin said: “Wealthy Affiliate has given me MUCH MORE than I ever expected to receive. Not only do they have a TON of excellent training courses that you can complete at your own pace, but the members of the community are very supportive and helpful, and someone is nearly always available to offer help when needed, regardless of what time of day it is, as their members are worldwide and many.”

Lashone Said: “Hey Guys, this goes without mentioning. You really just need to sign up and see all the wonders you will learn and all about making the right decisions online. Kyle is a personal assistant to his members and the support is really endless. You just need to decide what you want for your life and make the best decision you could possibly make to jump start your Success with the right team behind you all the way…”

These are real reviews from real people at Trustpilot. You can go there and check it out for yourself if you want to.

The Big Five

I took a look around on the web to find out what the five biggest complaints about employment and self-employment are. If you’ve ever had a job, you already know what the first five answers are, but check out what I found to see if you are right.

5 Biggest Complaints about Traditional Employment:

  1. Lack of Control: Employees often express frustration at their inability to control many aspects of their work, from their tasks to their work schedules.
  2. Limited Income Potential: For most jobs, there’s a ceiling to how much one can earn. Unless one gets a promotion or moves to a higher-paying job, income increases are typically incremental and tied to annual performance reviews.
  3. Office Politics: Many employees are dissatisfied with the politics that can occur in the workplace. This can include favoritism, conflict, and power struggles that create a negative work environment.
  4. Lack of Work-Life Balance: Long hours, high stress, and the expectation to be always available can blur the lines between work and personal time, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction.
  5. Lack of Recognition or Reward: Employees may feel undervalued or unappreciated, especially when their hard work and commitment are not recognized or rewarded appropriately.

Sound familiarFrustration - Yourturnmarketing.com

5 Biggest Complaints about Self-Employment:

  1. Inconsistent Income: Unlike regular employment, self-employment income can fluctuate greatly. There can be periods of high income, but also periods with little to no income, which can cause stress and financial instability.
  2. Work Overload: Being self-employed often means wearing many hats, from sales and marketing to accounting and customer service. This can lead to a heavy workload and long hours.
  3. Lack of Benefits: Self-employed individuals don’t have access to the typical benefits provided by employers, like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  4. Difficulty in Separating Work and Personal Life: When you’re self-employed, especially when working from home, it can be challenging to set boundaries between work and personal life.
  5. Risk and Uncertainty: Self-employment comes with inherent risk. There is always the uncertainty of business failure, losing clients, or facing unforeseen challenges that can impact income and stability.

Now, if you’ve been around a while, you’ve heard all of these complaints before. Isn’t it time to take a look at something new that can create the kind of lifestyle that you would like to have?

I’m not promising the world here, like so many pie-in-the-sky offers that get pitched all the time on the wacky web, Wealthy Affiliate is a real business that teaches a real business model to those happy customers that have the courage to embrace the future and take steps to achieve their dreams.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate provides a unique blend of the advantages found in both traditional employment and self-employment. It offers flexibility, control over your work, and the potential for high scalability. Plus, the startup costs are lower, and you get access to an abundance of training resources and a supportive community.

Why not seize this opportunity to generate income by promoting products you believe in? With Wealthy Affiliate, you can build a successful online business while enjoying the perks of working at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you can plug in a laptop.

Come and take a free five-lesson test drive of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the banner above, signing up for a free account, and diving in for the first five lessons. If you don’t like it, walk away. No credit card hassles, no issuing of refunds. Just a safe test drive to see if the road is for you.

When you get to the platform, click on “Training” at the top of the page, then click on the “Getting Started” category below. All the best to you!



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