Boomers Apply Yourself Here

Hey, Folks! Wanna do something to make some money while you’re sinking deeper into your comfortable chair?

Don’t get mad at me… I’m a baby boomer, too!

I’m two years from collecting Medicare, which is fine because I can’t afford to pay full price for my Celebrex, but I’m not ready to stop “doing” either! Damned arthritis anyhow.

Notice that the title says “Apply Yourself”?

That’s because this isn’t a job. I want to tell you about a business you can get involved in to create, compose, monetize, and scale as big as you want to.

It’s called affiliate marketing. 

What is affiliate marketing? I’m going to tell you all about it.

Affiliate marketing is a method of online business where you think of a niche (like golfing), create a website (like Wealthy, create links in your website blogs to companies like Amazon and/or ClickBank who are affiliate advertisers, and collect commissions when someone clicks on one of your links and buys something from one of your affiliates.

Let’s Break it Down

Think of/Choose a niche. A niche is simply a passion or an interest that you would like to share with the world and enjoy being immersed in through writing a blog. Don’t worry about the writing part. That’s covered. More on that later. Niches can include but are not limited to:

  • Woodworking
  • Golf
  • Any sport you are interested in
  • Travel
  • Writing
  • Books
  • Chess
  • Pets
  • And on and on, ad infinitum…

The point is that there are thousands of niches and millions of products that go hand in hand with these niches.

Create a Website. Build your very own website using WordPress. WordPress is responsible for almost forty percent of the World Wide Web’s websites. Once we set you up in a matter of minutes, you will learn how to create amazing content you never thought possible.

Create Amazing Content. Maybe you are already a proficient writer. It doesn’t matter. The AI writer on the Wealthy Affiliate platform will help you write like a pro in no time. Write what you are passionate about, and that passion will shine through to your audience.

Collect Commissions. You will strategically place links in your blogs that send readers off to affiliated vendors. When your readers purchase items through your links, you collect a commission. It’s a very efficient business model that many are using to make great livings.

Dave Hornbeck -

Who Am I?

I’m Dave Hornbeck. Howdy! I joke around often and get mostly blank stares instead of laughs for my effort, but I was born with a glitch in my system.

The glitch is I’m unable to accept that I have to fade into irrelevancy in my retirement, so I decided to build a business from MY comfy chair and have fun while doing it. In fact, I’m sitting in it as I type this.

Cool, right? I think so…

I’m a 63-year-old regular guy who loves to work in affiliate marketing in my spare time. I fell in love with the concept of it the instant I heard about it. The scalability of it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Of course, I love the idea of having my own business, too, so this also checks that box. I currently author two blogs and have three separate income streams as a result, but that is outside the purview of this post, so…

Enough about me. I want to tell you what is so great about this business so you can decide if you want to take a look.

What is so Great About Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate?

I enjoy the community engagement at the Wealthy Affiliate platform, the challenge of seeing if I can make this happen (which I have), and the excitement of building a legacy for my family.

Those are my reasons for joining Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know what yours are.

I am here to offer you the opportunity to take a look at this in the form of a free Hub. Yes, you can click on the link below, create a starter account for free, look around the site for free, chat with the people for free, and build a site for free to see if you think this biz is for you.

If it isn’t, it would have been nice to know you.

If it is, you can unlock all of the premium tools necessary to build the business of your design for $49.00 a month. The premium upgrade will get you a free domain name and more training than you can ever use.

But did I tell you you can check it out for free? Because what I really meant was… YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT FOR FREE! That means you don’t have to even think about locking your vault or getting out the tinfoil.

One more thing about me…

Here are the best parts about the platform that a boomer like me enjoys most… It’s fun, and it keeps me sharp. So, do you want to come out and play?

===>Sign Up Here For Your Free Look<===

I hope to see you soon! Thanks for stopping in.


12/22/2023 – Wealthy Affiliate just opened up an addition to the platform called “HUBS.” Hubs is an AI-driven section of the WA platform that makes it easier than ever to build your online business. I just started working in the Hub, and it is an affiliate marketing dream come true.

Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Comparing the NEW Way (at Wealthy Affiliate) to the OLD Way

I’m going to draw a clear contrast between the old-school methods of launching an online business and our NEW, innovative approach here at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s important to understand just how much the landscape has shifted.

The typical 40-hour setup that used to be a barrier for many (most) is now radically reduced with WA. If you’ve ever found yourself burning the midnight oil trying to get your first website off the ground, you’re going to appreciate the next piece of information.

Here is a breakdown between the NEW and the OLD.

New Way vs. Old Way

The New WA (no pun intended) is 3 steps and 35 minutes to set up the foundation of your business and website. This includes your niche direction, brand, WordPress website + initial plugin set-up, framework content pages, and first keyword-rich page.

With the ‘Old Way,’ the way that other companies are still forcing you into is 17 steps, and it takes close to 40 hours to learn and accomplish the same thing (not to mention a lot more money).

This changes the dynamic of WHO can start a business now. Hobbyists who previously might have been intimidated by the complexity of building an online business can now manage without needing to dedicate eight-hour days to get rolling.

People with nothing more than a dream can now create fully functional businesses faster than ever.

I would love to see you on the platform. Don’t worry about paying for anything at this time. That comes later ONLY if you want to. I’m Daverh at Wealthy Affiliate. Look me up when you get there. I’ll answer any questions you have.



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