The Best Way To Earn Extra Income After Retirement

Hi, All! I’d like to share an opportunity with you that I find to be enjoyable and lucrative. Usually, when you hear a pitch like that, it’s followed by snake oil, but not this time. I want to talk to you about Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. I’m going to take you through the basics of affiliate … Read more

Getting Started With An Online Retiree Business

Starting an online business is a step-by-step process, but the initial stride—a vitally important one—is narrowing down your niche. You might wonder, ‘Why focus so much on a niche?’ Well, it’s more than just a category; it’s the compass that guides every other decision you make. Step 1: Choosing a niche For Your Online Business … Read more

A Work At Home Business For Seniors

Imagine turning a corner of your living room into your personal profit center. That’s no idle daydream. More and more seniors are doing just that by starting home-based businesses. If you’re curious about how, then stick with me. I want to talk about how the traditional retirement model is being reshaped, and let’s face it, … Read more

Boomers Apply Yourself Here

Hey, Folks! Wanna do something to make some money while you’re sinking deeper into your comfortable chair? Don’t get mad at me… I’m a baby boomer, too! I’m two years from collecting Medicare, which is fine because I can’t afford to pay full price for my Celebrex, but I’m not ready to stop “doing” either! … Read more